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Petrosys PRO combines the best G&G focused mapping wih powerful surface manipulation and volume calculations. The Petrosys PRO map canvas allows geoscientists and engineers to easily display well, seismic, lease, GIS, remote sensing and other data to integrate their knowledge in a way that helps teams consolidate their ideas and manage successful survey, drilling and exploitation programs. Rich display functionality targeted at the EP space allows creation of production quality displays, giving full control of presentation content in time critical situations, and rapid easy updating with last minute changes in data and opinions. The excellent coordinate reference system (CRS) support makes Petrosys a mandatory tool for international ventures and allows for optimal management of datum conversion on data sets related to established operations. Integrated surface modeling tools allow computation of complex subsurface structures with excellent handling of faults and rapid accountable computation of volumes. Surface tools include a diverse range of gridding algorithms, computational methods, and interpolation, filtering and editing techniques. Surface editing tools allow manual correction of digital grids to incorporate geological knowledge. Automation tools allow the creation of easily reproducible and auditable field mapping workflows.


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