Set Up

Registering an account

To begin using WorkSpaces, you must first register an account. Click on this link and fill out your profile details. Thereafter, you will receive an email confirmation through which you may activate your account.

Importing profile from PetroCubic’s consulting website

If you have an existing account through PetroCubic consulting, you can import your profile for use in Workspaces.

Is Workspaces only available to PetroCubic consultants?

No, WorkSpaces is a separate system. You don’t have to be a registered consultant or project owner to use it. You can sign in just for Workspaces.


To ensure Workspaces aligns with your needs and to make you feel comfortable with the system, we offer short-term trials to anyone who would like to learn more. To set up a trail, please contact us here: link

How to Begin Using Workspaces

Hardware and software requirements

For optimal interactivity, you should have 2mbps+ internet connection with latency less than 250ms. More bandwidth and less latency will result in better quality and responsiveness (fluidity of interaction). For 6+ mbps connections with 50-100ms latency, for instance, the user experience is similar to sitting at your own computer.

Workspaces is supported on a variety of different devices, including PCs, Macs, and many tablets. The hardware requirements are minimal, and most modern systems are able to support a high level of performance. Because all applications are executed remotely, your local computer or tablet serves as an interface to receive video stream from a remote machine.

Requesting a new computer

First, ensure you’ve selected a computer with performance suitable for intended usage. For example, simulation and geological modelling software requires many CPUs and 3D graphics. Keep in mind user experience also depends on selected hardware. Thus, using a 3D card allows for more fluid streaming of remote desktops and will achieve better interactivity than computers without one. In some cases, the difference could be negligible and in others quite significant – ultimately, results may vary depending on the hardware, software, and specific use of Workspaces.

Adding users

Workspaces also allows you to add authorized users for created machines. Each created machine can be assigned to several users, but only one user can work on the machine at one time. Each user will get their own login and password. We encourage you to not share your credentials with others, but to add them as users instead.

Removing users

You can also revoke access for exiting users by removing them from computers. It will take up to 24 hours to propagate.

Add software

To add different software, simply request it from the directory. Each type of software is available through different subscription models (hourly, daily, monthly). Installing software does not result in charges of use; you will only be charged when you run applications. All software will be pre-installed and licensed through your connected requested computer before you start. You can start work immediately after receiving login details.

Remove software

In many cases, you will not need to remove software and can instead simply stop using it. In some cases, however, you may wish remove it to prevent other users from using it. In this case, it will take about 24 hours to revoke access for licenses or to remove it.

How long does it take from request to start using remote desktops?

First-time users can expect to begin using remote computers within 24 hours. During this time, we will complete the set-up fee by charging your credit card and perform a background check. For long-time users, this time could be reduced to one hour or less.


How Workspaces is different than traditional licensing model

Our aim is to enable our consultants to work efficiently. Specialized, expensive software is needed in the oil and gas industry, so individual users cannot afford to purchase perpetual licenses. Likewise, many companies want to minimize the costs associated with short-term projects and therefore do not wish to purchase software that will be utilized only once. Traditional perpetual licensing or monthly rental models do not support cost-effective software usage by consultants. Thus, we partnered with leading vendors to offer greater flexibility with a pay-as-you-go model. Many types of software we offer are even available to rent for an hourly fee. This payment model is well-suited for consulting, where other license models are ineffective.

How usage fees are calculated?

When you request software, you can select among the following subscription models:

- Hourly: Fees are calculated in 5-minute increments based on actual usage. (We also use "gap connections" to prevent system abuse by frequent opening/closing of software. There is no advantage to closing software if you intend to use it within the next 15-30 minutes).

- Daily: Fees are charged every day software is used. The price will therefore be the same if the software is only used for one minute or all 24 hours.

When you create a machine, you will specify your local time zone. It is best to specify time zone for users who are going to be utilizing the software (If users are located in different time zones, for 1-3 hours it might be a minor issue, but for a larger differential it will create days of overspill). Our cut-off time is midnight of the selected time zone.

- Monthly: – Fees will be charged every month from the first date you start using the software.

Software support

We do not currently offer software support and each program must be used “as is”. We have plans to offer support in the future as we refine a commercial model for it.


Sending / receiving data over the internet

We use SSL encryption for both website communication and the Workspaces entry portal to prevent unauthorized access to any information.

Computer access

Our computers are centrally located at one of the largest and most trusted cloud providers. To further enhance security and performance, we do not allow to different users to use the same hardware (no shared servers). Only users authorized by the Workspace creator will have access to each computer. We also have additional security measures in place (network isolation, network logging, firewalls, etc.).

Data access

All user data can be located in two places: a) hard disks attached to remote computers and b) cloud storage used to send/receive data over the internet without logging into machine. We also archive all data for 6 months after the last day of Workspace use in case the user would like to resume work.

Data transfer

Using a remote computer

- When you log in to your machine and go to any folder, you will be asked to connect your local hard drives as disks to the remote desktop. If you confirm it, your local disks will appear at the remote machine and you will be able copy files as usual. Note that the Workspace creator may prohibit certain users from copying data in/out. Those users will not be able to use this functionality.

Using website (in development)

If in some instances you do not wish to start and log in to your computer, you can use intermediate storage. You will need to log in to the website and go to your Workspaces. From there, you will be able to upload and download files using the website. Next time you or other authorized user logs in to a machine, there will be an option to sync the data between the computer and intermediate storage. The Workspace creator can also restrict usage of this functionality: prevent downloading files and allow uploading, or prevent both. This will allow a complete level control over your data (For instance, you can create a locked-in virtual data room in which users can view/work with the data but have no ability to copy/download it).


Our service is desgined to provide the most flexibility and be cost effective for many use cases. It means we break down the price to individual components: hardware, software, connection fees and storage.

How much does it cost ?

  • - Hardware fees are charged by every hour of active use and dependent on selected configurations. For example reservoir simulation requires more expensive hardware than welltests or petrophysics.
  • - Software is charged based on selected price model. It could be hourly, daily or monthly. You pay only for the time you actively use software.
  • - One-time set-up fee of $50 USD for each computer.
  • - Maintenance fee of $3 USD/day for the life of provisioned computer until the Workspace is closed or computer is dropped out.
  • - Connection fee, $15 USD/day for each day it was connected to.

Self Training

You can learn any software available on our platform.

How to Start ?

  • - Please use "Training" in the main menu to place an order.
  • - Get login details and start using your virtual workstation with software already installed and ready to use.
  • - Follow our LinkedIn page to get monthly promotions.

What I will get ?

  • - You will get access to remote computer with everything installed and ready to use.
  • - All products include sample projects and documentation. Some also have learning tutorials.
  • - 25 hours of software usage time. You can take this 25 hours any time during two month after you get started. This time is accumulated only when running software. For example, if you just login to computer and reading pdf documents this time does not count toward usage.
  • - You will not be able to use your own data. Those computers do not allow transfer of files. This is for traning only, if you are interested to use your own data please subscribe to our regular testing.
  • - If 25 hours is not enough you will be able to extend the duration.

How much does it cost ?

  • We provide software free of charge but collect $79 to cover hosting costs. You can apply promotion codes we give away at our LinkedIn page.

Payments and billing

How to pay

Before you begin, we will charge your credit card the one-time set-up fee. Thereafter, we will submit invoices during the first week of each month.

We conveniently accept several methods for invoices:

  • - Credit card
  • - ACH transfer (US only)
  • - Wire transfer
  • - PayPal

Troubleshooting and support


Please contact us - link to contact form


Please contact us - link to contact form

Remote workstations

Please find and select the help button after logging in your WorkSpace (not the website you are viewing now).


We do not provide software support at this time. If you have any questions, please contact us and we will try to resolve issues on a case-by-case basis. You can also ask questions on our forum: forum.petrocubic.com