How much does it cost ?

Our service is desgined to provide the most flexibility and be cost effective for many use cases. It means we break down the price to individual components: hardware, software, connection fees and storage.



Hardware is charged only for active use with hourly rates. When you login to your workstation clock starts ticking. After you finish your work that day you shut down down computer and clock stops.

Depending on workstation specification prices vary from 0.5 to 2 usd/hr.



Software is charged based on selected price model. It could be hourly, daily or monthly. You pay only for the time you actively use software. As example if you just connected to your workstation and working with files you are not charged for the fact it is there. Clock starts when you open the application and stops when close it.

You can see all software prices after sign-up and login to your account.



Basic storage is free. It includes 30GB for system drive and 50GB for user data drive. If you need more there are several options depending on the use case.


Other fees

One time set-up fee 50usd.

Maintenance fee - 3usd/day. Charged for each calendar day from the time workstation became available to you and the time you ordered to close it down.

Connection fee - 15usd/day. Charged for each day you actually connected to your machine.


Cost estimator

You can use an online price calculator on the website to make a cost estimate based on the anticipated usage.



Case 1

Software price 10usd/hr, hardware 0.5usd/hr.

There was a small project which took two weeks with light to medium usage. There were 6 days when machine was used with average 4 hours each time.

Hardware: 6days*4hrs*0.5usd=12usd

Software: 6days*4hrs*0.85(15% time spent on working with files)*10usd=204usd

Other fees: 50usd+6days*15usd+14days*3usd=182usd


Case 2

Software price 100usd/day, hardware 1 usd/hr.

There was an urgent project for a week with heavy usage. It took 5 days with average 9 hours each day. It was decided to use daily rate.

Hardware: 5days*9hrs*1usd=45usd

Software: 5days*100usd=500usd

Other fees: 50usd+5days*15usd+5days*3usd=140usd


Case 3

Software price 30usd/hr, hardware 1.88usd/hr.

This is an ongoing project for many months with some occasional usage of software. In average user connects to workstation 8 days in a month with 3 hours each.

Hardware: 8days*3hrs*1.88usd=45.12usd

Software: 8days*3hrs*0.9(10% time spent on working with files)*30usd=648usd

Other fees: 8days*15usd+30days*3usd=210usd

Total=903usd per month

Case 4

Software price 250usd/day, hardware 1.88 usd/hr.

There is an ongoing project for many months with occasional usage of software. In average user connects to workstation 10 days in a month with 6 hours each.

Hardware: 10days*6hrs*1.88usd=113usd

Software: 10days*250usd=2500usd

Other fees: 10days*15usd+30days*3usd=240usd


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